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The Unity ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser agitates water, constantly mixing with the essential oils, misting the full benefits in to the air. It uses powerful 2.4 MHz ultrasonic vibration for cool diffusion through an anion filter that emits negative ions and will clean the air in your environment.

This is our best selling diffuser for one simple reason: It is our most durable diffuser and it is loaded with features. The Unity has 4 timer modes from 30 minutes to 3 hours and 8 optional lighting settings. This smart economical unit also comes with an auto shut-off when dry or tipped over. This Unity comes with a wall plug and is ideal for small to mid size rooms, nurseries, offices and bathrooms.

Color: White
Dimensions: 8cm x 14cm
Diffusion Type: 2.4 MHz Ultrasonic
Materials: ABS / PP
Timing Modes: On/Off/Auto-Off - 4 modes - 30/60/120/180 mins
Water Capacity: 100 ml (~33ml/hr)
Coverage Area: ~215 sq. ft. (20 m2)
Lighting: Bright/Soft - White, Red, Green, Blue, Off.
Audio: None
Filter Type: Anion
Remote Control: None
Power Input: AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Voltage: DC24V (650mA)


The Unity comes with a 6 month limited warranty