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What our customers are saying ...


I've had 2 purchasing experiences with Harmonious Mind and both of them where 5 star experiences ! The purchasing process was easy as well as tracking and receiving promptly. As for the products, they are just as great ! Very high quality essential oils and my diffuser (travel) works great . To top it off, the customer service you will receive is fantastique ! I highly recommend ! Congratulations to Melanie and Harmonious Mind and wishing you lots of success in the future.

-  Judy, Saint-Jérôme, Quebec
January, 2015


I just received my new Casa aromatherapy diffuser in the mail. I set up the Casa and it was very easy to use. It has two diffusing modes.The first diffusing mode is for three hours continuously and the second diffusing mode is every 30 seconds for seven hours. It also has a beautiful LED light that you can turn on or off. I purchased the white Casa diffuser and it fits into my decor perfectly. It came with a measuring cup and I used around 10 drops of balance blend and it works perfectly and the room is full of EO aroma and it's just wonderful. Thank you Melanie for recommending the Casa aroma Genie diffuser, I love it!

-  Andrew, Kingston, Ontario
June, 2014


I received my pendant today and I love it! Actually, I love everything that I purchased! I have been using the diffuser in my office since I got it and it's fantastic. Thanks!!!

-  Alicia, North York, Ontario
May, 2014


I received my Earth aromatherapy diffuser 2 days ago and am in love! The Earth diffuser is so pretty and works perfectly. It delivers a steady but gentle stream of cool mist and essential oils. The Balance blend is my new favourite and I am so happy I got it. Melanie Nash is an absolute sweetheart and so kind and full of expert aromatherapy information. Shipping was very fast and my diffuser was well packed. I am a very happy and satisfied customer and I will recommend The Harmonious Mind to all of my friends and family. I am definitely going to be a repeat customer again and again.

-  Andrew, Kingston, Ontario
April, 2014


I was very impressed with my huge purchase. Melanie was very professional and gave me a few products to try. The mud bath was amazing my skin felt great also the oil kit was great also been diffusing everyday and the blends are great. Thank you so much and I recommend all these amazing products. Very pleased.

-  Angela, Holden, Alberta
April, 2014


I am absolutely hooked. Happened across the diffusers and oils at Costco and fell in love. I bought the Sha diffuser and went back for one for my Mom. Amazing service and delivery. Just tried the sample of lavender moor mud that was included in one of my orders, my skin feels amazing. Hoping to see some of the larger sizes of oils back in stock soon. Love the selection.

-  Lori, Brampton, Ontario
November, 2013


The Sha diffuser is an absolutely genius device. The Harmonious Mind oil selection is fantastic and some of the unique blends have proven to be my favorites. There is nothing like walking into a room and breathing deeply to be transported to another time and place by an amazing smell. The service at Harmonious Mind is perfection in motion. I love their attention to detail and satisfaction. Thank you!

-  Ed, Markham, Ontario
October, 2013


Hi Harmonious Mind ... Just wanted to let you know that I received my products today. 2 things: 1. First...WOW!!!! Fast Shipping!!!!! 2. I received my Oils: Purification & Protections smelled very close to Young Livings Purification - Lullaby smelled very close to Young Livings Peace & Calming - Of each, I and my family (we did a blind fold smell test) would choose your product against YL!! As for Lavender...Beautiful!! I will definitely be purchasing more products from your company! Fragrantly, Sonia

-  Sonia, Brampton, Ontario
September, 2013


I am thoroughly enjoying my Aroma Genie Casa. My entire bedroom smells like a spa every night. I just recently became interested in essential oils and I found Melanie's company while researching diffusers. I ordered my product and it was shipped in 2 days to my home -  excellent service. I also had the opportunity of meeting with Melanie and she is very passionate about aromatherapy. I feel so grateful to have crossed paths with her. I look forward to a discovering new aromas.

-  Monica,  Aurora, Ontario
August, 2013


I love the Unity diffuser. It is so simple to use and very effective. And thanks for the sample of the Purification and Protection blend. I live in a penthouse apt. in a 50 yr. old apt. building. Having almost wrap around large windows I get sunlight from 9:00am to sunset. And, even with my window treatments, the apartment can become quite hot. I have to use the air-conditioning, even though I don't like to do so. Since turning on the air-conditioning I have noticed a stale cigarette odor coming through the vents. I tried the purification and protection blend yesterday and it really does remove the stale odors. As you can see from my order, I love it. I actually will be to placing an order for 2 more diffusers when I sign off. Thank you for the quality of your products and the integrity of Harmonious mind.

-  Andrea,  Toronto, Ontario
June, 2013


"I purchased the Five-Sense Yun and Lotus in November of last year. Both diffusers work very well and they still do. It's nice that it came with a brush so makes it easy to clean. I also love the fact that it has an AC/DC Adapter 100~240V so I can bring it with me when I travel in other countries like Europe and Asia. My husband and I (and our two furry babies) love the essential oils. They help us relax and sleep at night. I love these products so much I just ordered another diffuser the Sha and lots of essential oils. Top notch products and service."

-  Josie,  Calgary, Alberta
May, 2013


"Great service! I received my order within 2 days. I love the Invigorate Blend!"

-  Cindy,  Toronto, Ontario 
May, 2013


"Just wanted to send a note to comment on your fantastic service and thank you for the complimentary blend in my order. I cannot say how thrilled I am to find a Canadian seller of high quality essential oils and diffusers! My order arrived quickly and I'm already in love with Serene blend! I appreciated the advice and comments rec'd re: diffuser choices. Thanks and I'll be shopping again soon!"

-  Lynsey,  Stittsville, Ontario 
March, 2013


"Thank you very much for following up with me on my diffuser purchase.  I love it!  It is beautiful and does a wonderful job.  I love the way it fits into my home decor.  I also want to mention how pleased I am with the customer service provided by your company. Dealing with both you and Shane was a pleasure.  I will not hesitate to recommend you to others. Thank you for the wonderful service."

-  Pam,  Saint John, New Brunswick 
March, 2013


"I ordered 2 diffusers the Serenity and the Unity and there both wonderful I was surprised and delighted to have them today when I only placed my order yesterday. I have been ordering essential oils from the States because I didn't know of any companies here that were selling High Quality Essential Oils and now I do so no need to order from the States anymore ... your Blended Oils are Beautiful and I hope you come out with more ... My house smells wonderful. This company has GREAT customer service and Melanie is very knowledgeable and she was very patient answering all my questions ...Yeah for Canadians we have a Winning Company with Harmonious Mind ..."

- Shelley, Scarborough, Ontario
February, 2013


"Looking for something to help relax and better sleep and eventually come to Harmonious Mind. Sent them some questions during a weekend and I received response from Shane 2 hours later. After a few emails and I decided to buy the Five-Sense Sha while they had the Valentine's Day special. I received the products on the second day which is well packed. My wife and I love the diffuser very much from top to bottom and how it is functioning. It is just liked art, even the box. Well, a bit expensive to be honest but worth it. The pre-installed music is really nice and the only complaint is only three songs but it can be connected to an external media player. I already feel relaxed by just looking it. Will have to do some work to look for which oils are good for me. Great product, excellent services, thanks Shane."

- Dennis, Toronto, Ontario 
January, 2013


"Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for the excellent advice about what product's would be best for our family. My son is sleeping much better since the first night we used the diffuser in his room. One night he woke early and I thought hmmm then checked and the oil was low. Now I make sure its always topped up and he sleeps fantastic! Having no hesitation in recommending the great customer service & products to friends!"

- Sharon, Markham, Ontario
January, 2013


"I love our Tao diffuser and especially Harmonious Mind's Essential Oils and Blends. I like it so much I am ordering their new USB diffuser so I can enjoy the oils in my office."

- Andrea, Mississauga, Ontario
December, 2012


"I have recently purchased from Harmonious Mind. I dealt directly with Melanie who is the co-founder and she was very helpful to me and offered excellent service. She went out of her way to describe the products which made me feel better about my purchase. Once I decided to purchase, the order was  processed promptly and I received the order within 2 or 3 days as Melanie had promised. I purchased the Puzhen Five-Sense Sha diffuser. I must say the diffuser is extremely high end and I must also comment on the way it was delivered and packaged. It was unbelievable. The packaging is top notch and you can really tell that this product is the Rolls Royce of oil diffusers. In fact our family like the diffuser so much that a day after receiving it we ordered a second unit and Melanie was once again very professional and courteous in getting the order processed immediately. I highly recommend dealing directly with Melanie and directly with this company. I received 5 star service and recommend them to anyone looking for a high end product."

 - Rick,  Peterborough, Ontario
November,  2012


"I'm totally loving my Sha diffuser. Haven't decided my favorite oil yet. I think it's Purification and Protection."

- Leanne, Harrisburg, Ontario
November, 2012



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