I am ... Empowered

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Blend Of:
Rosemary, Blood Orange and Cistus
Scent Characteristics:
Safety Information:
In cases of pregnancy, high blood pressure or serious illness, consult your doctor prior to prolonged exposure to aromatherapy oils.

I am ... Empowered Blend is a blend of essential oils that support our positive self-image and help us identify with a sense of self-empowerment. 

Encourage expression with rosemary and sage. Known to sharpen the mind and clear the respiratory system, rosemary is commonly used in vaporizers and assists in freeing the fifth energy center, which is associated with our voice and self-expression. Also featuring blood orange and sage, which strengthen the nervous system and heighten the senses.

In a diffuser, the "I am ..." Empowered Blend refreshes and produces an uplifting atmosphere and reduces fatigue. It helps to alleviate the symptoms of addiction and depression by stimulating and boosting our sense of inner strength. Over all, this blend makes one feel empowered and leaves you with feelings of energy and purpose.