FAQ Topics

Q When will my order be shipped?
A Orders are processed within 24 hours and shipped in one to three business days. If we ever have interruptions or delays, you will be notified of the shipping date prior to ordering.
Q How do you ship your orders?
A Retail orders are shipped with Canada Post by expedited parcel with a tracking number. Once we ship your order we will send you a tracking number. Wholesale orders are shipped via preferred carrier. we currently support shipping with Canada Post, FedEx, Purolator, and UPS.
Q How do I become a wholesale customer?

We work with a range of businesses from large retailers and hotels to independent practitioners, boutiques, spas and clinics and offer a broad variety of product with low MOQs. Our minimums begin at less than case quantities and if requested, we provide one hour training sessions on all our products.

We understand small business and the need to test the market with a variety of product without having to deal with the hassle and risk of importing from manufactures overseas with high minimum order quantities. We stock thousands of diffusers for quick turnaround of orders. For larger orders, if items are out of stock, we can usually have them available within 30-60 days from date of order. For more information, please give us a call at 1-855-66-AROMA or click on Wholesale Accounts from the top of any page and fill out the form.

Q How do I enter a coupon or discount code?
A You enter your coupon or discount code when viewing your cart. Enter the code in the Discount Code box and then click the Apply Coupon button. Your will see the effective discount and your total will be updated before you begin to check out. If your coupon code does not work, please contact us and we will get back to you asap.
Q Can I pick up my order at your corporate office?
A Unfortunately, we do not carry any product at our corporate office. We do carry most products at our retail location which must be purchase in the Body Beautiful Spa boutique, not online. To ensure product availability or to reserve products for pick up, please phone ahead. Visit our Contact Us page for details.
Q How do I troubleshoot diffuser problems?
A Please see our article on Diffuser Troubleshooting.
Q How do I maintain my diffuser?
A Please see our article on Diffuser Cleaning and Maintenance.
Q Can your essential oils be ingested?
A We pride ourselves in the quality and control of our essential oils. That being said, essential oils should NEVER be ingested unless it is prescribed by a health care professional. Essential oils contain potent constituents that can cause serious health issues if taken incorrectly.
Q Are your oils therapeutic grade?
A The term therapeutic grade is a made up marketing term that is often followed by a trademark. This term is used, generally in good faith, to describe the quality of an essential oil. There is no governing body that provides a grading system for essential oils.
Q Are your oils food grade?
A The term "food grade" is a general term for essential oils that leaves one with the impression that the oil is safe to be ingested. This term is used, generally in good faith, to describe the quality of an essential oil and suggesting that it is bottled in a FDA or Health Canada approved bottling facility. regardless of the bottling process, there is no governing body that provides a food grading system for essential oils. Please FAQ on ingesting.
Q Are your oils certified organic?

Organic oils are generally desired, and are generally more expensive. We strive to purchase organic oils where possible, but we do not list them as organic unless we can receive supporting documentation and that we can ensure that they are not genetically modified. Some of our oils are wild crafted, which means it was grown and harvested from its natural or "wild" habitat. If an oil can be verified as certified organic, it will be on the product listing. Because an oil is organic, it does not conclude that it is not genetically modified. All Harmonious Mind's essential oils and blends are not genetically modified meaning they are GMO free and vegan.

Q Why are your oils less expensive than Young Living or Doterra? Are they inferior quality?
A We source the highest quality 100% pure essential oils. They are extensively tested by chemical analysis, gas chromatography and odour evaluation by an essential oil chemist and by Melanie herself. All our oils are pure, natural and undiluted without fillers or additives. We work directly with farmers or with partners that have a direct relationship. We do not have a multi-level marketing structure so we are able to charge a fair price for our oils with fewer people to compensate along the way.