Diffuser Cleaning and Maintenance

It is recommended to clean the water container, water level sensor and ultrasonic mist chip every month and before storing. Clean it more frequently for heavy/frequent use. Clean every week for every day use. A failure to clean your unit properly will result in the diffusion screen clogging and the water container staining. Damage to the unit will occur and it will result in voiding the product warranty. Some essential oils such as orange or vetiver may cause discoloration to the plastic of the bowl. Note that this does not affect diffusion, but to keep your diffuser looking new, clean the bowl more frequently if you are using dark colored oils.

If you are having problems with your diffuser, you can also see our troubleshooting page. 


Cleaning the diffuser:

Before cleaning the externally exposed parts of your diffuser, always turn the power off on the product and remove plug from outlet and the diffuser. DO NOT clean the diffuser while it is plugged in to an electrical source.

  1. Unplug your diffuser so it is not connected to any electrical source and remove any batteries if applicable.
  2. Remove the cover from product.
  3. If your diffuser has a splash guard, slide the splash to the open position or detach it based on your model.
  4. Add some water and a small amount neutral cleanser into the water container. Avoid harsh cleansers that could corrode the unit. A neutral cleanser is one that is gentle and has ph balance. Your typical dish soap will do. You can also use vinegar or isopropyl alcohol. Avoid harsh agents such as glass cleaner, bathroom cleaner or stronger agents such as CLR.
  5. Use the cleaning brush to clean the inside of water container to remove any residual oil stain and rinse with water. Gently agitate the area around the diffuser screen. If your model does not come with a cleaning brush, use a medium bristle art brush or a dental brush. That should do the trick.
  6. When pouring out the water please pay attention to the water pouring direction. Avoid water entering the ventilation hole. If water enters the ventilation hole, try to gently shake out excess water and leave it to dry completely before trying to plug it in. Your diffuser is an electrical appliance. Avoid plugging in the unit if wet inside as it may result in damage to the unit and a shock hazard to you. Be smart and safe.
  7. If you have on hand, using an alcohol wipe is also a good choice to to finish cleaning the water basin to help eliminate odor residue and reduce staining.
  8. After unit's exterior is clean, reassemble and your unit is ready to use. Periodically, you should run a cleaning cycle.


Running a Cleaning Cycle:

Periodically, it is a good idea to run your diffuser through a cleaning cycle. If you use your unit everyday, then running a cleaning cycle monthly is a good idea. To do so, do the following:

  1. Fill the diffuser about half way with clean water (well below the fill line) and add up to 10 drops of pure white vinegar.
  2. Run the diffuser for 3-5 minutes,
  3. Empty the bowl and rinse thoroughly with clean water.
  4. Fill with water only and run the diffuser for 1-2 more minutes,
  5. Empty again and you're good to go. 


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